Ifa and quantum mechanic! By Ifa Dare

A conscious agent wakes up, in the morning, having multiple thoughts in his brain - some people call these thoughts: range of possibilities while others call them: potentialities. Interestingly, the conscious agent can only choose one thought out of the multiple possibilities in his brain. 

The agent's mind, relying on the agent's ego, emotions, genetic make up, past experiences and available information, comes to the agent rescue by narrowing the plural thoughts down to a manageable number while nature handles the rest, further narrowing the result down to two distinct possibilities or choices (symbolized by the crossroad, 0 and 1). 

Presented with two distinct choices, the conscious agent is confused as ever. In his confusion, he reaches for his Opele, a 4x4 quantum chain, to produce sufficient information to guide his decision. He proceeds to slam the quantum chain on the floor.

 In one iteration, 256 possibilities are narrowed down to just one outcome with a speed comparable to the speed of light. The outcome is Ire. The conscious agent gets up and starts getting ready for war. He's guaranteed to win!

I implore Yoruba youths to interrogate Ifa, critique Ifa, comment on Ifa and above all, study Ifa. Ifa is the totality of Yoruba's moral, spiritual and natural philosophies!
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