Typical Behaviour Of The Young Nigerian Man And Woman! By Joy Isi Bewaji

There's a typical behaviour of the young Nigerian man.

There's a typical behaviour of the young Nigerian woman.

The typical Nigerian young man lacks courtesy, chivalry and polish.

The typical Nigerian young woman lacks emotional intelligence, lives in a bubble and is quite the highfalutin jargon.

These are products of our society. We endorse them.

However, we are always willing to understand the typical young man as quickly as we are to shame/mock/rebuke the typical young woman.

The typical of both genders exhibit consistent behaviour along patterns of upbringing, social mores and cultural norms.

He finds distasteful, almost privileged, ways to show off his needs and desires. She finds ways to blow these desires he displays out of proportion, believing those displays undermine her integrity.

Her responses are accordant with his behaviour.

This is how society expects the typical young persons to behave. And they are submissive to this performance.

But, for being typical, only one person gets rebuked all the time. Only one gender.

And that is not right.

None of them shows exemplary behaviour. But one gets to enjoy a beer, while the other is dragged to an abattoir for public judgment and slaughter.


It's our innate misogyny that supports this method of discernment and retribution.

You may not find this glaringly in the relationship dynamics amongst certain older Nigerian men and women because we have found ways to live above situations and can articulate our needs with ease or own our desires or create our truths. 

And we do not necessarily need anyone to stand on our side of the divide for us to excel in our full rights as human beings...

But for younger women especially, they are almost always confused about what is right and wrong, and the young men - for the slapstick privileges accorded them - enjoy to tease and taunt the ladies along these lines.

Young women, it's OK to be clumsy. You will grow and realise it is OK to walk away from uncomfortable situations. That knowledge will not happen overnight;

Until then, pay no attention to how the story of your life is being twisted by the neck.

You'll be alright.
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