Something Else We Need To Do In Nigeria! By Enwongo C. Cleopas

People need to be taught/trained on effective ways to respond or act during crisis or disasters of any kind. 

For instance the flood situation happening in various parts of the country, citizens should be educated on Flood preparedness and response. What are the safety measures one should observe if this occurs etc?‎

I had made a suggestion to the NYSC directorate at Ekiti while serving that there should be (1) a First Aid/CPR training for all Corp members. (2) A Fire Response training etc. These are life skills that benefit everyone in the society. ‎
Two months ago, a colleague at the office was worried about a man who was having a seizure by the roadside with no help.

We wanted to help but we did not know exactly what to do that may not aggravate his situation. 

We decided to do a little research after that incident and we were better informed and equipped for any other incident that we may come across.

I don't want to keep calling on a government that has a snail response to emergency situations in the country. 

We, the citizens can help ourselves. Schools, organisations, etc can make these emergency trainings compulsory for their students, workers etc. Churches/religious centres too can do this. ‎‎
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