Scientists, Bees, Honey & God! By Ken Tadaferua

If human scientists were bees who produce honey, they would have proclaimed the delicate but profound processing of flower nectar into honey, a produce of scientific genius, a proof of man's supreme intelligence.

Then they will raise, over long decades, billions of dollars for research to determine dosage and effects of honey on the human body. Thereafter a patent or exclusive right will be issued for inventing honey.

This is followed by massive production lines, designer packaging, competitive pricing, effective marketing communications, more vigorous research teams, best option financing, global distribution and franchising etc. All of these players in the long value chain of producing and delivering honey are centers of heavy costs, eventually borne by consumers.

In all of these, nectar, the primary produce for processing honey, and the farmers who own the flowers and harvest the nectar are deemed too far down the food chain, too primitive, to belong to the sophisticated value chain scientific man created. So the farmers are condemned to inhuman poverty and underdevelopment, while those on top of the food and value chain, dupe the world with sophisticated racketeering.

Even worse, they dismiss the creator of the flowers and the nectar as mere hype. They prance arrogantly in pin stripe suits, winning awards, at high profile scientific and corporate fora, as ultimate inventors and creators.

All of these for what the little busy bees produce at no monetary costs. Man must learn to be humble. He must stop his sophisticated wickedness that breeds poverty for over 80% of the world's population. He must learn to fear and worship God whose materials they copy and experiment with, yet give Him no credit. It is intellectual fraud. Ask the bees. They know. God Almighty must smirk at man's pompous duplicity and hypocrisy.
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