Evans The Kidnapper Clearly Hates His Own Medicine! By Ken Tadaferua

Evans the kidnapper clearly hates his own medicine. The dude, for years, locked up and dehumanized his victims for months on end until they vomited tons of cash in dollars.
Then he gets arrested and the cowardly bully, sings lustily like a canary in heat. Now only a few days in police custody, he is claustrophobic and whines like a sick baby. He then sues the Inspector General of Police in the hope of getting freedom. Only in Nigeria.

This Evans dude is such a wimpy disappointment. Other big time criminals like him were macho about paying for their ruthlessly murderous careers and lived up to their tough guy billing even unto their death before the executioner.

 Ask Mighty Joe or Oyenusi? Evans, or is it Evan, PLEASE BIG UP to the noose.
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