Men In Nigeria: Is This The Process to "Better Men "?

Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau bares his soul in this one:

"...Our parents did their best at ignoring too. They wanted to know when my sister was practically ripe enough to see her first blood. 

Wanted to know when next she was going to see it. Wanted to know what happens when it happens.

"No one really cared if I had ever had a wet dream. No one wanted to be interested in the fact that I might just go wild after all.
All Boys secondary school I attended had a female counsellor who always asked if I was into ladies. I didn’t see the sign until I visited her office to find her nipples in my friend’s mouth. I receded...

"I was molested by an older lady while growing up. I can’t remember her name nor put a face behind it, but I knew it was the reason behind the fact that I was into older women. I’ve always wanted them all macho and dominating.

I tell my friends I don’t do younger chicks, they say I’m the correct guy. The fact has it that 60% of the boy child was sexually molested while growing but I guess the world does not see it as a problem. Until I happened on Men In Nigeria..."
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