A Leader Must Believe! By Joy Isi Bewaji

A leader must believe.

If she first finds someone to believe in and the person doesn't match expectations, then she'll move to the next person. She must remain a believer.

There's got to be someone to believe in and take along the trip to building and growing and innovating.

She keeps believing even when people remain mediocre and selfish and a total corporate mess. She must believe.

Keep moving the goal post of belief until you find someone with half her passion, half her enthusiasm, half her courage, half the soul to live adventurously through a corporate brand. Removing self, placing the company first before anything else.

If she cannot find someone to believe in. If everyone proves to be average...

Then she must believe in something.

She must pick up stones and breathe life into them. Stones must rise up and tap into her energy, her passion, her visions.

A leader must believe. It is what wakes her up in the morning. It doesn't matter how screwed over Nigerians are. She stays believing.

In this wild city with too many regular heads... there's for to be one person who believes too.

She's going to remain a believer. One day she will meet that perfect corporate match, hopefully anotheer woman, who totally understands what to do with power, vision and position.

Until then, she will keep believing.
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