Something Really Beautiful Will Be Happening At The Green Institute, Ondo City! By Enwongo C. Cleopas

Beloved friends, today next week, something really beautiful will be happening at The Green Institute, Ondo city, Ondo, my very sunshine state.

I never really paid attention to the impact that my actions had on my environment. I was never conscious of the role I played in preserving, protecting, damaging, harming and unsettling my environment. But that changed a few years ago.‎ I consciously began to weigh my actions and my choices and how they affected my environment. I began to honour my home (earth) and I started seeing her as a being; a breathing and living thing, one that could be destroyed by my carelessness and irresponsibility.

I started asking myself these questions; why should I destroy that which feeds me? Why should I treat carelessly that which clothes me? Why should I act in total disregard for that which houses me? When it dawned on me that the environment was a mirror of my actions and inactions, I pledged to treat it better, to advocate for it's justice and to learn more ways to protect and preserve it, not just for me but for the people coming after me.

The above is my story and it is one out of the two reasons I am beyond excited to be invited as a guest speaker at The Green Institute, Ondo on the 23rd day of June for her Green Speaker Series.

The Green Campus Initiative is an organisation that is focused on the education, advocacy and social entrepreneurship aimed at advancing green policies and sustainability of the environment.

The founder, Adenike Akinsemolu is a phenomenal young woman who is a passionate environmental researcher, a lecturer, an educator and also an advocate for the female child.‎ ‎I first read about Adenike on Womandotng and later Susty Vibes as the Susty person of the week. I was deeply in awe of her and the beautiful work she is doing for us all and our environment. She is the second reason I am excited to be a part of this event. Her advocacy has made me more conscious of my environment and the green life.

Green Institute has trained about 5000 people by awarding degrees, nano-degrees, and various certificates and the goal is to raise and empower young people (everyone) to be environmentally and socially aware and to adopt practices that better the environment as well as raising green advocates and agents of change in every corner of the country. Beautifully, more than 20 universities in Nigeria have chapters and ambassadors of the Green Campus Initiative.

I am not just going to share at The Green Institute but I am going for a life changing visit, one I am sure will equip me with important tools in learning more how to live the green life. [I am also intrigued by a course, one I can participate online, Photography Education and Sustainable Development and I am making plans to enrol soon and become a better equipped nature photographer]

If you are in Ondo or any neighbouring state and you want to be a part of this event, please see the flyer for more information. Also, you can learn more about The Green Institute on

Thank you. Hoping to see YOU there.

With a Green Heart,

Enwongo C. Cleopas.
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