What Is The Solution To These Problems In Nigeria

If you have an accident with third-degree burns on Ibadan-expressway... who do you call?

If you have cancer, can you afford chemotherapy in Nigeria? If you can, list 10 hospitals in all of Nigeria that provide healthcare for cancer patients, diabetes, cystic fibrosis etc.

If your house is burgled, what number can you call? Will they respond within the hour? If they do, what's the possibility the burglars would be caught?

If you are raped, is there a crime lab to test semen, blood and saliva in Nigeria?

If you find maggots in any product you buy or a matter of expired goods - jam, noodles, choco cubes... is there a quality control/consumer complaint number to call? Will you be compensated?

If you can't afford private school, can you confidently say your child will receive good education if you entrust their education to the government?

If your electricity bill is a pile of fraudulent figures and NEPA have refused to do anything about it, what unit in your local government can handle your case?

If the police hit your car in traffic whilst acting the role of Vin Diesel in "Fast and Furious", can you take them to court? Will that case be judged before the end of the century?

If a borrower refuses to pay his debt and you don't want to "leave it for God", is it possible to retrieve your money through the assistance of The Police without paying a dime to the police to do their job?

If you suffer depression and you do not want any pastor laying hands on your head but would rather seek professional help, where can you go?

What is the solution to these problems in Nigeria? 

Written By Joy Isi Bewaji
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