The News Making The Round Now Is About Mass Attempted Rape By Secondary School Boys In Lagos

Nigerian children have the worst sets of parents yet, the news making the round now is about mass attempted rape by secondary school boys in Lagos, I bet you the state would find it difficult prosecuting the perpetrators if the story turns out to be true, because.
1) most parents would rather let their daughters keep quiet about it all together

2) the school authority would rather not have the reputation of their schools sullied.
3) parents of the boys would rather not see their sons punished for such crimes.
I have never seen parents as docile and senseless like what is obtainable in most homes now.
The lord knows I was a terror in the little one's school whenever I attended her PTA meetings, while grown up folks murmured and muttered about decisions being taken I actually stood up to speak and asked questions and also rejected some decisions out rightly, and I am just 12years older than her.

Dear Nigerian parents, fight for your children, get into the mud and get dirty, let the world know that consequences comes to anyone who harms your child, speak out and let your voices be heard at their PTA meetings, discuss your child's curriculum, ask that your children be taught Civics, history and indigenous languages, no one has the right to insist your 3 year old needs to take extra lessons till 5pm everyday, stand out, it is not a crime to stand out, be a total bitch if you want but please do not be docile nor passive when it comes to what affects your children.

When did you last contribute a single word at your child's PTA meeting? 

Written By Ember Lim
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