Obinna Aligwekwe: "Says He Always Wanted To Marry A Woman With Big Bakassi"

Before I got married;

I always wanted to marry a woman with big bakassi.
I always wanted to marry a woman with a good work-life balance.
I always wanted to marry a woman who will not give excuse when it comes to bedmatics.
I always wanted to marry a woman who will see my money as our money, and her money as our money.
I always wanted to marry a woman who will not use me as a guise to train her siblings.

All the qualities above, and many more I sought, I found close to 80% in my current partner.

We have our low moments when we feel like throwing the other person out of the window, but the happy moments overwhelmingly supercede even when naturally stressful and conflict inducing events like pregnancy, child rearing and moving house come up.

Even some budding romantic relationships cannot match our sex life.

This feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment....,is MUTUAL.

I don't know exactly what the future will hold, but for now it looks bright.

If I get to live long, my marriage would have played a large part.

In nations that keep good data, divorce is one of the strong determinants in suicide victims.

My marriage is currently an achievement considering what we both sought out in a partner ( which of course can never be 100% in any human)

If you insist it's not, then you're projecting your dysfunctional relationships and paranoia concerning human relations on others.

Your marriage/relationship may not be an achievement because it is not meeting your aspirations. It doesn't belittle the marriages that do.
As for me, my marriage is an achievement, among many other achievements I have under my belt. 

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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