Odd Feeling: Chelsea Fans Are Not Celebrating The EPL Trophy

Why do I get this odd feeling that Chelsea fans are not celebrating the EPL trophy their club came all the way from limbo to win. We are celebrating the club more than they are. Why?

Because they are too busy creating funny cartoons, writing massive books, setting up peppersoup hot debates, distilling tall tales and rumours and bellyaching about Wenger and Arsenal.

It is all so humorously titillating. I am enjoying and soaking up all the attention they are pouring on Prof and my team. For 20 years we watched them sometimes win and most times crash to near regulation.

But we didn't give a hoot because it is regular fare for them to break the bank just to win only to go tumbling like Humpty Dumpty. We are watching and smiling above all the motor park fray and jagudaism. 

Written By  Ken Tadaferua
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