Network Marketing Tip! By"Alex Morton"

💥Never miss an incentive trip put on by your company or team. I was in my first company for 4.5 years and that's where I made my first $1,000,000. One of the major components of that success was I NEVER missed a destination event but most importantly an incentive trip or contest.

💥Whether it was Jamaica, Hawaii, San Diego, or Mexico my butt got across the finish line. Whether the contest was based off of new personally enrolled customers, breaking new ranks, or total volume I MADE SURE my butt was qualified.

 And it wasn't for ME, it was to be an example for everybody else. Even towards the end of that journey, the last incentive trip was in Puerto Vallarta, & I was one of the 20 ish people qualified. Again, not for me, but for everyone else.

💥Why is this important? When you, THE LEADER, qualify for the trip or bonus YOU are leading by example. I'm a big believer in leading with your feet not your mouth.

🔥Today we are in Cancun Mexico with 85 leaders from Mexico & South America where the only way you received an invitation was to have a minimum of 30 customers. We have individuals in here with 30,75,225,500,1000+ customers.

❤️Remember, next company trip, MAKE SURE YOU QUALIFY!!! Not just for you, but to be an example of what dedication works like. 

By Alex Morton
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