Chatham House Stated That About $480b Was Stolen From Nigeria In 54 years! By "Kayode Olagesin "

Yesterday, it was reported that Chatham House stated that about $480b was stolen from Nigeria in 54 years. 

Today, Transparency International in a report on the Boko Haram war stated that about $15b dollars was stolen by the Military quoting the Vice President.

The military authorities have promptly refuted this claim although there are cases in court against military chiefs. 

All over the world, arms deals and corruption go hand in hand but ours is exceptional as we inflate the figures and supply less than top grade equipment. The Military class in Nigeria, and by this I mean the leaders, in and out of office, are the most corrupt leaders ever.

They have ruled Nigeria for much longer so have of course stolen the most. They have so much money and influence that they practically install whoever they choose to become President, Govenors, Senators etc. If you get there and try to be independent and not do their bidding they have the means to fight you. 

Today, they are the ones who own oil blocks or considerable shares in big financial institutions, telecoms as well as own choice real estate across the world. Then they have their civilian cronies with whom they misrule. Until Nigerians decide and use the ballot to rid this country of this lot, we will remain where we are.

Even those amongst them that are not corrupt, are corrupted because they cannot touch the corrupt ones. Hopefully, we will exercise some sense in 2019. Now we hear some politicians are approaching some goons in the military. 

The sad thing is that some misguided elements will applaud them but let me tell you, the worst and I mean worst civilian government is by far better than the best Military one. Nigerians we must wean this nation of these military rulers. 2019 can be a historic year for Nigeria if we use it to free ourselves from the oppressive clutches of these military goons.

This is conjecture, but I wager that a significant part of the jet set in Minna recently made their loot in military regimes or those headed military in civvies. 

Written By Kayode Olagesin
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