I Finally Got Around To Writing An Easy Opinion On Ebonylife TV's "Men's Corner" With Ebuka, Andre And Mazi

I caught the show yesterday. Topic was on Chauvinism. Wrote this with my phone immediately the show was done. Dozed off halfway through my review. But hey, it's up on the site. http://happenings.com.ng/favourite-show-mens-corner-chauvi…/ So enjoy 😊

"You will enjoy the banter because it is always a pleasure to watch fine men talk about stuff intelligently. They are almost always kind to women, which I doubt would be the case if the tables were turned.

 A “women’s corner” will raise carnivores – women eating men; and it will be accepted as colourful, interesting and forward-thinking. It will be male bashing at its gruesomeness, and people will applaud; those who don’t will be called, well, chauvinists.

"Men, however, do not have that many privileges when it comes to expression. If at all they fight for that expression they’d be treated as brutes. With that in mind, I think this fine-looking trio understand their Nigerian audience pretty well." 

By Joy Isi Bewaji
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