Health Benefits Of Bitter-Kola "Effiat" By "Enwongo C Cleopas"

This week is starting quite interesting.

Coming back from the court, I came across this fruit by Ibom Plaza. From afar, it looked like mangoes but when I came closer, I noticed that the skin was too hairy/rough to be that.

I stopped to ask what it was and I was told by the vendors around that it is 'Effiat' which is Bitter-Kola. I was honestly intrigued. You mean this is the case of those tiny brown Bitter-Kola seeds that I eat? I decided to purchase some. Of course! I've been eating effiat forever and I never knew it came encased in a body like this.

Beautiful friends, my excitement is in leaps. When I opened it, it looked like udara and even tastes like a-not-fully-riped udara. I wasn't sure it was edible but my mom says it is, so I'm now eating it, confidently. If you split one, you can have about 6-8 seeds, which goes for about 100-200 naira here but I bought seven of this fruit for 100 naira. And because I really like Effiat, I think I will buy the fruits and process the seeds myself from today.

Effiat can fix your life, and I'm not kidding. From cold to malaria to lung issues, to eye pressure and my favourite, for performance on bed. There are even claims of it for HIV/AIDS. There are verified researches and studies backing this but it is advisable to take this after consulting your doctor and herbalist and doing your own research. I personally attest of it's benefits as regarding cold and chest issues.

P.s. Why do we throw away the udara seeds? What if it is functional like this effiat? Has anyone ever eaten it? What if that is the cancer cure we have been waiting for? We need to research this.
Hope your day went great? See more photos.

By Enwongo C. Cleopas

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