πŸ’₯For everyone out there merely attempting to build a brand, influence people, capture an audience, sell intellectual property in the success/business/motivation niche...
πŸ’₯What's going to separate people 5,10,25 years from now is that 2% of EVERYONE playing on this playground are actually and will have actually BUILT A BUSINESS. The other 98% will be playing thumb wars with themselves in 15 years around a campfire.
πŸ’₯Why does Gary Vaynerchuk have the top Entrepreneurial brand on the planet?
πŸ’₯Why is Grant Cardonen one of the most recognized person in Sales training?
❤️Because they BUILT BUSINESSESES & have earned millions of dollars.
❤️Instead of giving advice to the world, GO BUILD A BIG BUSINESS.
Which $1,000,000 business did you build?
Which company did you take from $5,000,000 to $50,000,000?
What results do you have to back up all of these claims and guarantees?
 When did you earn your first $1,000,000?
πŸ‘Cmon now, I'm just trying to help.
🌎GO BUILD THE BUSINESS & MAKE THE MILLIONS FIRST before you turn into the mentor, guru, life coach, internet pirate.
πŸ˜„Sure you can make $5000, $10,000, heck $100,000 selling stuff you really don't understand but what's the 10/20/50 year plan? Don't think about the NOW, think about the LATER. 

By Alex Morton
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