The National Human Rights Commission Is A Good Place To Go To

The FRSC incident is a pointer to the fact that if we raise our voices against barbaric actions, insensitivity of people in positions authority and abuse of power, we can accomplish so much. Social media is powerful.

I want to encourage all of us to further engage institutions that addreof
ss various issues affecting citizens and the environment.

If you have a complaint, especially civil complaints, the Public Complaints Commission is the right place to go to.

 A lot of us are not aware of the powers they wield and the fact that if instigated, they can act fast. Another institution, though an NGO is the Civil Liberties Organisation.

Find anyone in your city or community and make your complaints. Also regarding issues of human rights violation, the National Human Rights Commission is a good place to go to. I'm citing this three because I have engaged them and I have seen results and effective responses.

This morning on my way to work, I saw some men in uniform pull down high rise trees and poles that are prone to cause damage in anticipation of the rainy season (and the tropical storm) we are experiencing. Last year, we recorded heavy casualties and I'm happy that something is being done. 

Also, I am deeply excited about the response of my state government in conjunction with the Akwa Ibom branch of the Nigerian Medical Association in preparation for any case of Meningitis outbreak. I've been listening to the awareness, jingles and sensitization being done. This is the kind of response I love to see.

We wield so much power. We the people, hold so much power and we need to know the appropriate channels to exercise them.‎ 

Written By Enwongo C. Cleopas
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