I have observed the latest evil in town.
It's an attempt to turn women into superwomen.
I was at a conference listening intently to the female guest speaker. She emphasised on how women should always look sexy, exercise regularly, pray, respect their husbands, etc.
The message gave me a double sword effect. I was blessed and also curious. I noticed she spoke to the women for about 35 minutes and the men for just about 10 minutes and I was wondering why?
1. Shouldn't men look sexy, exercise regularly, pray and love their wives too? Why were we the subject of the conference? Why was the time allocated to preaching to both genders not shared evenly.
2. She emphasised on women being prayerful and holding up their homes in prayers. What about the men please? Are they supposed to be sleeping while we are praying please?
Or is prayer gender sensitive? Or has the responsibility been delegated to women?
3. After turning these women into super, larger than life, bring your A game on souls, hope we won't turn around and say they aren't no longer submissive?
4. It's awesome to train the women but can we please train the men too. It's becoming a noticeable imbalance. Both genders need to be invested in.
5. I have observed so many women have mastered the art of giving love but not receiving love. We have been programmed to give so much that we don't even mind if we don't receive, we would manage whatever crumbs of attention and affection thrown at us.
Dear future husband, I am not a superwoman o. I want what you want and probably more sef.
Both of us are going to always look sexy, exercise regularly, pray, respect and love each other abeg. We are partners in love not master and educated house assistant.
Written By Oyinkansola Alabi
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