Let's Avail Ourselves Of The Workings Of The Newly Amended Electoral Acts Well As The Constitution

Dearest Nigerian Youths,

Please, if you don't have your voters card, the Voters Registration process starts today across Nigeria. You may ask what use that will be but I assure you if we mean business, if we put our hearts and energy to it, there is so much we can accomplish in the next election. 2019 is just months away. We are not getting better in Nigeria, our silence and un-involvement will cost us if we don't act. We have the power to change the course of things. Let us utilise every opportunity and process. Starting with your voters card.
For those of us who won't be eligible (agewise) to contest for any office in the 2019 elections, the power to turn things around lies in our voting and support. Let's also avail ourselves of the workings of the newly amended Electoral Acts as well as the Constitution.

While we await an amendment to the Age criteria in the constitution for Political Offices in Nigeria (thanks to an intense and beautiful campaign by the #NotTooYoungToRun team), the following remains the age of candidacy in Nigeria;‎
President - 40 years.‎
Governor - 35 years.
Senate - 35 years‎
House of Representatives - 30 years.
House of Assembly - 30 years.‎
Local Government Chairman - 30 years
Councillor of Area Councils - 25 years.
This is in accordance with the sections 65, 106, 131, 177 of the Nigerian Constitution.

One of the beautiful inclusion in the newly amended Electoral Act is a fixed price for nomination form for all parties. This means that political parties can no longer fix arbitrary nomination fees for it's members outside what's stipulated in the Act. In case you want to contest, or support or sponsor a young person to pick a nomination for any political position, the following are the limits on fees for nomination forms.
1. Presidential aspirant - 10,000,000 (ten million naira)
2. Governorship aspirant - 5,000,000 (five million naira)
3. Senatorial aspirant - 2,000,000 (two million naira)
4. House of representative aspirant - 1,000,000 (one million naira)
5. House of assembly aspirant - 500,000 (five hundred thousand naira)
6. Chairmanship aspirant - 250,000 (two hundred & fifty thousand naira)
7. Councillorship aspirant - 150, 000 (one hundred & fifty thousand naira) 

Written By Enwongo C. Cleopas
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