Sometimes I Picture Life As A Lift: Says Nikeh Oresanya

Sometimes I picture life as a lift... An elevator going up or down a very very tall building.. 

I own the buttons hence I choose whether to go up or down. I Choose when to open the door and who to let in.

However sometimes, people who are on the elevator choose to step out.. people I expected would stay the whole journey with me... they leave and there's little I can do about it but to let them go and continue the journey.. 

They may come back and they may not. When they choose to come back I however may not be willing to let them back in. I am happy for those people who have entered my life elevator with me and refused to step out regardless of my nuisances.

I am grateful to the few persons who have stayed in this elevator and made the journey worthwhile. I am also grateful to those who have stepped out, they have only taught me the art of letting go.

Cheers to those who value true friendship, Cheers to those who value people's emotions and feelings and who try to make positive impacts on the people they come across.. You guys are the real MVPs.   

Written By Nikeh Oresanya
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