Relationships Are Split Into The Chrome And Firefox Factor

For two weeks, the much loved Chrome has been a pain in the ass of my laptop.

I have tried to reconcile our differences. Delete and reinstall. 

Upgrade and read the information carefully to understand why it is tedious to get it to show up when I click "open".

I have had to turn to Firefox to help me with urgent emails and quick updates on sites.

I am not sure how I would have survived work life if it weren't for Firefox these past two weeks.

Everytime I click Firefox (whilst trying to get Chrome to get up to no avail), it would ask me a simple honest question:

"Would you like to make Firefox your homepage?"

And everytime, I honestly click "No".

Oh! The guilt!

Here is Firefox. Always available to help me through mountains of assignments and deadlines...always on time. Gives its best shot.

Yet I have refused to give it the one request it desires: "Make me your homepage."

That's like the key to my heart.

But here I am, waiting impatiently for Chrome to get its act together. It wouldn't even have to ask. That homepage status is reserved for it.

This is just as true as life.

Relationships are split into the Chrome and Firefox factor.

Sadly, there's that conscious acceptance of being Firefox-ed by many "victims".

"Make me the homepage, damn it! You are waiting on Chrome, but I am here, and I have done all that you asked for, with just as much finesse. I stuck by you in hard times, yet you won't make me your homepage?"

Try not to cast in this story. Do not accept to be Firefox-ed. Be cautious of those with the incredible talent of Firefoxing.

Oh! The smell of the fox a mile away, you know fire is not far away. Move as quickly as your legs can carry you. Far from the scenario.

There is no sufferhead story to record here. No sacrifices of wretched proportions that would leave one empty and vulnerable, begging for compassion.

Be Chrome-d.

Or be Firefox-ed without asking for what cannot be given. 

Written By Joy Isi Bewaji
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