My Conversation With A Handsome Married Man.

Married Man - Hi Oyinkan, you are looking fresh o. Who is taking care of you.

Me - I am taking care of myself. Or should that be a delegated role?

Married Man - What about what I requested for the other day, my marriage isn't working.

Me - If your marriage isn't working then we should be talking about how to make your marriage work sir.

Or what type of person buys a new car cos his old car developed a fault? The new one would still be like the old one sooner or later.

Married Man - Stop being stiff now, I really like you o. I honestly shouldn't have married my wife, I should have married you.

Me - Have you heard these songs before? Story for the gods Or Shoro niyen by Olamide?

Married Man - You aren't a serious person, I really mean what I am saying o. Let's start something.

Me - The only thing we would be starting is Marriage Coaching with an experienced coach. Fix what is broken not elope!

That's how they would be going upadan with the story ' I should have married you'. Leave that narrative for Lawma please.

Face your Wife, Face your Home and if it's still not working then take a honourable bow! 

By Oyinkansola Alabi

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