Don't Come Knocking On My Door

My Children and Great Grand Children must read 48 Laws of Power, till now I feel so in control of my life because I choose never to meddle in fights that are not mine.

If you want someone insulted, do it yourself. Don't come knocking on my door, asking me "hafa, you no see as hin head big reach?".

It automatically diminishes you in my sight, I have only shared my fights with a few persons and I regret doing that now. If I ever have a tussle with you, be rest assured that it's going to remain between just you and I.

I won't build a pity party or a bash party around the matter, I will not give it the life it does not even deserve. I will snuff whatever that fight is out before it can even smell like smoke, I really don't have the tolerance for yigi yaga "fa mi mora" and all those kind of fights that have no head and tail.

Yet for those who have the strength, it's your world. Please enjoy! We were not all made to resolve conflicts the same way; The cat screams, dogs bark, goats run, sheep's bleat, Lions roar and blood follows.

I don't know what I am capable of when my anger is hot but I will not spend the better days of my life testing the devil inside me, silence and playing the fool gives me the much needed sanity.

It's Wednesday and I am recovering from a bad digestion, I choose peace! Cannot be shitting my pant because of anybody.

Written By Damilola Jonathan Oladeji
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