I write this piece with tears flowing down my cheeks and sweat all over my body, my entire heart beat increased to a level which my system had never attain since i was born.

My entire reasoning hub over worked today because of the cruel act committed by an unknown group which led to the lost of so many lives & properties worth billions of naira in ukum local government, Zaki-Biam precisely.

I was emotionally touched, demoralized & downgraded. I sincerely felt helpless, i cried profusely as i saw the corps of innocent souls lying lifelessly on the ground. It beats my imagination, it made me think over & over again about the meaning of life.

However, as a human being who have conscience, i had no option than to reason the way i did. Honestly, I don't want to know the reason behind the massive killing because that alone would not add any positive impact to the feelings caused by this great vacuum deliberately created by those gunmen.

More so, i strongly believe that, those who lost their lives are innocent of the act & for that, I feel they deserve Justice. what have they done? Do they know what transpired? Neither do they know how the problem started, but today, they have paid the price, their lives are gone, their families are in deep pain, mourning their loved ones.

A lot of you know me as a humble young man who always write continuously to educate, entertain & create humor among my friends on social media but as you can see, upon hearing this shock news i became freeze. I am not happy, am sad, weak, downgraded & demoralized. That is why i could not write as usual.

Ooooooooh my God, this has happened, i am short of words, don't know what to say neither do i know what to do. But you are up there watching all of us, you are aware of those victims & their killers. We can't command you Lord, but this is painful, it has given injuries to some families which will take more than three (3) decades to heal.

Dear Lord, may you mercifully look at such families in this moment of grief. I want to use this opportunity to solicit the support of all & sundry to help us through your endless prayers so we can have a free accommodated Ukum local government.

Lastly, I want to state here categorically that, these Victims deserves nothing but justice.


Kolough Clems Jnr
An Indegine
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