Wondering Why The World Stands With UK After Only Four Dead

Stop wondering why the world stands with UK after only four dead, while our hundreds do not even get a foot note in the news.

Yes, part of it is Western arrogance, yet part of it is self hate and Stockholm syndrome.

The day you begin to regard yourselves is the day others start regarding you.

When you begin to speak with a CONSISTENT voice, as against talking from both sides of your mouth depending on whom is affected, perhaps the world might understand you enough to start showing sympathy.

A nation where citizens chase away the only institution that serves as a watch dog towards rampant rights abuses will only confuse the outside world.

A nation where people hold different regimes by different standards is always going to look and sound anachronistic to the outside world.

A nation where a spade is a spade where other regions are concerned, but becomes a cutlass when it concerns your ethnicty, will always appear confused to the outside world.

A nation where your voice is loudest out of mischief when someone else is in the fire, but mute when the oven is close by will always cut a picture of an entity divided against itself.

Its that simple. Treat yourself, and others as you would love to be treated. Have a set standard, and perhaps the world will begin to see and appreciate your character.

 Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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