Living With No Consequences! Making Ludo Of Life.

I sincerely loathe arguing with boys.

I always feel like they are N50k-and-a-proper-job away from being loyal to that which they claim to hate/fight.

Inheriting other boys' "enemies". Trying to be smart even when Google is there to tell you exactly what the answer is...

Because there's a desperate need to prove an enemy they inherited from another boy to be wrong.

The tough life of the average. Living with no consequences. Making ludo of life.

Check my commenters- only Men and Women. No arguments. No annoying witty responses to score cheap points. If they aren't sure of a post, they Google the facts and come with informed response.

Boys rush in. Trying to balance self. Hoping to get your attention (how I hate hate hate that!)... then spew some retarded shit. Oh! And there's the part of a new big word to compliment that shit that needs to be spewed.

There's something called superior stock.

Your religion, culture and the randomness on social media might tell you otherwise since these institutions give you free to air opportunities... but it's a bit of a drag, an unnecessary waste of money-making time to play in the mud with boys.

Stop trying to get my attention, jumping onto my shared posts on mutual friends walls to spread your ignorance and excitement.

I don't care about you. I think of you in statistics. Numbers to be added, multiplied and divided to make whole.

It is beneath every arrogant bone in me to entertain your opinion, your issues or your beef.

Written By Joy Isi Bewaji
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