Something Good Has Come Out Of BBN.

I guess something good has come out of BBN.

Guys, this should be a wake up call. There is an over all spirit behind some certain laws.

A woman can lead you even to the point of near penetration and still say NO.

That is the law, and there is spirit, or consensus behind it.

The law is an ASS, but it is far better for one woman to be protected by that law from a potential predator than the secondary concern of a hundred men having their urges disrupted by a cock-teasing bitch.

Somehow, yesterday's event will for a long time give the strongest message about express consent before sex.

BBN was right to have expelled him.

Like I said yesterday, it is up to him to manage this episode and see if he can make 

lemonade out of the lemons he plucked for himself.

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe.
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