Nigeria Is A Colonial Failed State

Intelligence is one's ability to recognize patterns in reality and use this recognition to change one's condition for the better.

Be that as it may, an intelligent person would have recognized that political succession in Nigeria is nothing but a reckless transition from incompetence to incompetence, and would have; perhaps, proposed the following solutions to change the deplorable condition of Nigerians, as a collective, for the better:

A. Divide Nigeria into twelve ethnolinguistic regions:

1. Yoruba
2. Igbo
3. Hausa
4. Kanuri
5. Tiv
6. Igala
7. Edo
8. Ibibio-Efik
9. Nupe
10. Izon
11. Fulfude
12. Gbagyi

and name the twelve regions, collectively, The United Regions of Africa (URA).

B. Write a new federal constitution by inviting two representatives from each region.

C. Devolve power to the regions and transfer federal assets to the regions.

D. Replace, on the federal level, the bicameral legislature with a unicameral legislature which will only meet four times a year.

E. Empower each region to constitute its on regime.

Ladies and gentlemen, Nigeria is a colonial failed state. The question is: why did Nigeria fail? 

Nigeria failed because successive Nigerian government operates a parasitic unitary system that forces each group, from the disparate nations inside Nigeria (I.e. Oodua, Biafra, Arewa, Kanuri etc), to trade their pre-colonial national identity (I.e. Indigenous language, customary law, culture, tradition religion, ethical values, mores etc) for colonial identity (English language, British Common law, Christianity, Platonism etc). 

The federal character, notwithstanding, this is a philosophical sin with serious societal ramifications.

All in all, to transform Nigeria is a colonial failed state from a failed colonial state to a progressive nation state, the optimized regional plan above, "one nation, twelve regions" must be promptly developed.

Support regional autonomy! 

Written By Ifa Dare
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