My Anointing Or Talent As A Person Can Never Supplement My Bad Character Or 'Weakness

I am writing this from the deepest part of my heart and I am concerned because we are raising a generation of people, especially believers who rather than take responsibility for their mistakes, failings and errors, turn around to blame the devil and someone else.

It is becoming a very sad trend now to see people who by their own hands and weaknesses fall into sexual sins turn around to say things like;
'I was seduced', 'it was the work of the devil', 'she was a Jezebel or Delilah sent into my life to destroy me', 'she was a demon sent into my life' etc. Or the women who latch onto the 'strange woman' epistle to excuse irresponsibility and encourage a-live-in-denial situation.

Today at the office I had a conversation with my colleagues and I'm going to share a bit of my thoughts here.

I had a friend in the university who was very randy and anything with breasts moved him. It was a weakness, one we once talked about. I was very scared when he was made the 'papa' of a fellowship. This was a young man battling with addictions thrust into a sensitive leadership position. And you know what I've learnt in life?, leadership magnifies things in a person, both the good and the bad. I was further scared when he started his own ministry and became a pastor. He was still chasing everything everywhere. He had not dealt with his weakness, not confronted it or sought help. He was so confident that his 'anointing' will cover up for him. (even when he started having problems with his ministry because of women)

You know another thing I've learnt in life, my anointing or talent as a person can never supplement my bad character or 'weakness', especially one that I have not addressed.

The Seed Royal Squad taught me a thing and that was, 'something you don't deal with or confront, has a way of coming back when you least expect'.

Three years ago, my dad's life taught me something I hold dear to my heart. The devil does not break down doors. If the devil has access in your life, you gave him that opening, no matter how small such opening may be.
Light does not enter a room except there is a crack somewhere or an opening.

We are raising people (believers) who hide behind the devil in order not to confront their role in their failings or mistakes. It is a terrible place to come to. Yes, temptations come our way, but we are not forced into getting entangled, we do that all by ourselves. Infact, the temptation is not the issue because those will always abound but our response is what matters.

We are having many people go into ministry without confronting or working on their characters and weaknesses. We are sweeping too many things under the grace carpet. We are having people occupy positions of leadership without proper mentoring and 'discipleship'. In fact, we no longer think of discipleship.

I once spoke with a friend about something. He was getting married in few months, yet was dating another younger friend of mine. When I confronted him, he told me this, 'I will settle down when I'm married'. In his mind, marriage curbs promiscuity and a wandering penis. I won't tell you what is happening with him today.

And I see such excuses a whole lot. Your anointing will not cover up for the things you have refused to confront. That new position or role will not roll away your weaknesses. Those are yours to confront. ‎

You deal with a thing as it arises. You work on self control in that tiny corner before you are thrown into the spotlight. You learn fidelity before you're married. You learn self control before you take on the reins of leadership. You work on your weaknesses, truthfully and honestly. You owe this to yourself. And when you err, you accept gracefully your error and you learn to rise again after facing the consequences of your actions. You accept the responsibility for your mistakes.

God will provide the grace, but you have a role to play. God will stretch his hands, but you have to stretch yours out to hold him. It is a walk that needs your participation.

I don't know how demons work and I don't know how those things happen, but a lot of times, we are the cause of our failings. And because we refuse to be honest about these things, we keep making the same mistakes. Blaming another never takes away the consequences of our actions. People can act all they want, our reaction is the only thing we can control/work on. When you don't acknowledge or take responsibility for a thing, how do you expect to learn?‎
It is not the devil attacking you because you have climbed to the highest cadre of your life. It is not the enemy envying your success. It is your denial and/or the weaknesses you have refused to work on that is manifesting. That's all on you. No one else but you.

You have nothing to be ashamed of if you're battling certain things. There is help, believe me there is help.
If you're battling any addiction, especially sexual addictions, confide in someone and take practical steps in solving them. If your weakness involves certain things, name them, identify them, lay them out, confront them and seek help. If possible, have people you are accountable to, especially for those of us in the faith and especially for the people who are aspiring to serve in varying capacities. Your weaknesses won't respect your calling, anointing or talent.

The spotlight. The word light is there. What does light do? It makes everything visible. It shines on every crevice and corner. It brings unknown and unseen things to the fore. What you did not sweep out, will eventually be found. What you thought was hidden will become visible and this is why it is pertinent that we confront these things and work them out.
We need to take responsibility of our entire lives. No more excuses.

Written By Enwongo C. Cleopas
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