Motivation Without Substance Is Dead

Motivation without substance is dead, faith without work is Dead! See I have a lot of bad in my past, not like I was a really bad gang person but I did all the crazy things young guys do.

I recently started having issues with loneliness, especially while trying to get my life and goals in order. I wrote a poem titled "finding her" yesterday and it is both a reminder to me about my decision to find love and my battle with finding it the right way.

There was a time I would jump at every sexual signal from a girl, but these days I am worried about my future. I don't just want flings, I am not satisfied with temporary pleasure and it's not because of any moral high ground.

Yes I have a desire to be morally sound, because I want to teach my sons to be good men. Above this though, I want to actually prove that my life is worth living.

I won't motivate you on issues I have not battled with, I will not claim to be the best writer when I have not bent my back to make a thousand stories. I will not just use the veil of social media to create an image of who I am not.

I keep saying this, a lot of us need to take time and patiently find wisdom. If your desire is to preach, take time to understand how humanity blends with the Bible.

 If your desire is to be a coach, take time to push ideas to reality, let the pain and the fear build you. Find closure on issues and situations in your life, build credibility and it would be easy for you to provide value.

Written By Damilola Jonathan Oladeji

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