In This BBN Case There Is No Victim.

All said and done, the law is indeed an ASS.

A woman who wants to do a man in for sexual assault can very easily do so.

If a man who has the permission of a woman to massage her naked, sleep on the same bed naked, cuddle till morning, suddenly one day gropes her ass in eight seconds of erotic madness, I won't classify him in the same league as the wilful, violent rapist.

In some climes, women who enjoyed the act but regretted afterwards can still file a case against the man.

In this BBN case there is no victim. Let us not delude ourselves TBoss is one.

If Kemen is prosecuted, it is simply a case of the law erring on the path of caution.

However, someone has to tell this narrative from the other side.

I am sorry, but I won't join the band wagon. Protecting the well intentioned spirit behind the law is as far as I can go.

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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