Hymar Idibie David Came Around Last Week For An Outdoor Photo Shoot

So Hymar Idibie David came around last week for an outdoor photo shoot and it was a swell time with him... 

Hymar is an actual depiction of inspiration as I shot him nonstop for hours happily and satisfactorily: When a photographer has a good muse, he doesn't get tired easily of shooting photographs. 

Here's one of my favourite photographs.. His biceps and triceps, his grip, his grimace, the folds on his fore head, in point of fact, his ambiance generally is golden. Initially, I was sceptical about the shoot at the mechanic workshop because of the usual disturbance from hooligans here and there but then my confidence thickened when I remembered I was shooting wolverine!

 Who born Agbero well to near there? Hymar marvelled as the shoot went on for hours, wondering where the "ungigantic" photographer got his strength from..

"Never judge a book by its cover, my friend, like I'd always say.. your strength and charisma was what kept me active and agile.. 

No dull moment as we gave the people of the environs some viewing to fix their gazes on for hours...

Let's do this again for easter but you would pose as the man who died on the cross of calvary..😂😂
One love, brotherly.. Let the countdown begin.. March the 10th! Unleashing!

Written By Oyin Oje
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