How To Invest Your Thoughts In An Idea And Bring It To Life

It's very common for a lot of us to have ideas and never see them in reality, my people say
"a poor man says he has ideas, what unfortunate Ideas lie in the heart of an impoverished person?"

Alluding to the fact that without wealth, Ideas are useless. True, Ideas are almost incapable of sustainable achievements without wealth but how would one build anything when we have not fully accessed what we are capable of?

I made a statement sometime back "If you have social media fans of over 4000 then you have no excuse to not offer whatever gift God has given you or that you have".

Some of the students in my class acted on the methods I thought and they have experienced growth in their business Ideas, one of them is currently running an online class for data research which he intends to convert to a paid offline class.

When I started blogging, I knew I did not have the money yet to build the kind of website I need, so I launched out with a free blog and started compiling stories and poems there.

Today I have a large portfolio I have used as my proposal to clients who want content for their site. Persistence has become a second nature for me, it has become an asset.

All of last year my watch word was "Create The Future", I became so conscious of the fact that my decisions today would affect my success or failure tomorrow.

I became very intentional about doing what I believed in and it has not only helped me to build
 but my own personal site is up and running.

It may take longer for a person with limited resources to achieve their goals but two qualities that are not negotiable are:

1. Persistence.
2. Intentional living.

Written By Damilola Jonathan Oladeji

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