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She kept talking for hours. Something about global warming. Or was it bilateral relations. I couldn't wait to leave. 

Very interesting but I needed to be somewhere else. It was the day of the last round of 16 match and I wasn't going to miss a Champions league match for a talk. Especially one that concerned the international laws. Who the hell does international law help?

Wasn't too engrossed in my thoughts not to have noticed the young man in the corridor yelling at the person on the other end of the line yet trying to remain calm. I knew him. He was the chairman of the organizing committee.

 It was our company's 10th year anniversary in a few days and we decide to dedicate a whole week to it. He looked disappointed. The event planner had neglected getting a cleaner to take care of the hall after the event.

 Apparently, the ushers weren't going to soil their nice outfits with left over drinks and soiled table sheets. They never discussed that in their agreement so they paid little attention tl what the event planner was saying now. 

The chairman was furious, the event planner was at another function and couldn't effect her power of persuation over the phone, the programme was almost over, NO CLEANER.

Don't ever get yourself in such a fix. Don't overlook the smallest details. Be you an event planner or a planning committee chairman, there is no pride in tidying up after the event by yourself. Get the BlueJhay all-in-one post event cleaning package for that your upcoming event today.

Dirt is good, clean is better. It's what we do best, it's our pride.

By BlueJhay.
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