Funke Akindele Bello( AKA) Jenifa And Her Husband Go Live By Their Own Legit Rules

I like this couple. A lot.

Skillz seems like he is done with society telling him what to be. No airs.

Something like that.

It's like a story of good/bad experiences coming together to make a great movie. Two of them.

There's no pretense on who's getting all the attention at the moment. But what does it matter? The man is smiling and screaming "Jenifa!" along with her fans, as if he can't believe she's his wife.

Stay excited, abeg.

Hopefully he's done with all that African macho nonsense, and he is giving over zealous relatives who always want to chip in opinions they have no business chipping in to take a long ride down mind-your-business lane.

See ehn, this thing called happiness... only you can decide who and what makes you happy. It may not fit into society's rule book. Let society worry about its own rules.

YOU go live by your own legit rules, made from your soul, endorsed by your heart, driven by common sense.

I'm wishing them the best of whatever they have going. 

Written ByJoy Isi Bewaji

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