All These Professionals Are Prone To MSP Multiple Sexual Partners Behaviour

There's something called MSP —behaviour that's a risk factor for STD's — sexually transmitted disease. Meanwhile, folks hide their MSP history from doctors for fear of being judged or condemned whereas simply volunteering that history would've helped the doctor in accurate diagnosis and treatment. For instance, if someone is diagnosed with an STI, all the sexual partners too must present themselves for diagnosis and treatment or else, you're basically wasting your time treating only a member of the disease web.
multiple sexual partners. Doctors are interested in taking that history from patients because it's a

Because of the significance of this history and because folks will like to hide, doctors tend to deduce MSP behaviour from their patients' occupations. Reminds me of one of my patients sometime ago that presented with a palatal perforation suggestive of tertiary syphilis but kept denying any history of MSP behaviour.

For women, most MSP behaviour is due to being in a position of need. Remember that the position of need can be due to a position of lack and/or greed. Except you're a CSW (commercial sex worker), your occupation might not say something about your MSP behaviour as much as your socioeconomic position.

But for men, your occupation may play a role. Note that all men are prone to MSP behaviour but you're more prone if you're into a job that

1. places you at a position of authority over people

2. takes you away from your family (wife and kids) for prolonged periods.

Yes. Doctors are randy (for reason number 1) but not any more randy than lawyers, university/polytechnic lecturers, politicians, and entertainers (especially Naija record label executives, media house owners, and movie producers). All these professionals are prone to MSP behaviour due to reason number 1.Truck drivers, military and paramilitary men, etc are prone to MSP behaviour because of reason number 2.megapastors we have around nowadays. Their propensity to indulge in MSP behaviour is double-barrelled: they suffer from reasons 1 and 2 together.

Cue in all the ones whose stories have got out already — Francis Wale-Oke, TB Josh, Chris Oyakhilome, Biodun Fatoyinbo, and most recently Apostle Sule — and those others whose stories aren't out yet perhaps due to their ability to pacify or threaten all involved parties into silence.

The position of authority enjoyed by pastors is unimaginable. This is why women love to be close to pastors (let me say women love to screw pastors). They love to come under the 'higher level of grace'. They love to be prayed for. The married ones even love to discuss very confidential stuff like their husbands' bed mannerisms with their pastors. And pastors too get to indulge in this luxury. No authority is as powerful as spiritual authority: it stays under the radar of the whole world but it's really powerful.

And yes, campus fellowship presidents (student pastors) also enjoy the privilege. Visit a regular campus fellowship and see how all the girls are catwalking in front of these demigods screaming, 'Pastor This', 'Pastor That'. They're just under reason number 1 for now. When in the future, they too become international globe-trotting from one crusade to the other across the Atlantic, they pick up reason number 2 and their sex problem becomes debilitating.

Pls, this is not about pastors. This is about MSP's and STD's...
...and sex scandals

Written By Peter AdeosunKeyz
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