42 Years Zimbabwean Boxer Bhekitshe Moyo committed suicide In UK Due To Deportation Pressure

This made me really sad.

His entire life flashed before my eyes. 15 years abroad. Juggling responsibilities. Realising there are no streets tarred with gold.
Starting off with two or more jobs trying to meet rent and taxes. Then a bank job. Still not uhuru. Still barely getting by. People at home thinking his dollars should feed the entire village he left behind. African requests stretch down to the sixth cousins and their children.

"My uncle is abroad *sic* he will buy me Adidas trainers."

Depression. Relying on a hobby you're good at but not making money from. Life. Time passes.
15 years gone. And nothing to show. Nothing profound accomplished. Now you are forced to leave the country. To return to what? Nothing. Just disappointments.
He is gone. Because this life is shit. And it's all for nothing.

So travel. Be with the one you want to be with. And live everyday like a miracle.
You don't want to look back at 15 years and think the best way out is to die.

I used to have time for "enemies" (whatever that means). Now my time is too precious for anything order than love and growth.

Of course, if you come at me, I will come at you. But I don't intentionally go looking for beef tucked inside a pot of soup. 

Nobody is in my inbox telling me anything. If there's anything being said, I don't see it. If I don't see it, you don't matter. If you don't matter, why should your opinion count?

I don't respond to stupid. And I don't defend myself to anyone. I won't! Time is precious. I am very conscious of whom I get to share my time with.

I won't even try to clarify my position on anything. Carry your interpretation and go. Let it be your headache. Not mine. You have no idea how liberating that is.

I am free.

Money makes me happy. My kids make me happy. Love makes me happy. Good sex makes me joyful.

Life comes with its tough chapters. But now I have a habit of watching the sun set and the moon take over. I have stretched my naked body to every corner of my new home.

If I think you are worth my time, I give you my all. All my attention. When I love these days, I love with every fibre inside of me. When I laugh, it is rich and full.

Nothing is a mistake. My decisions are deliberate.

Because this has to end well. We have to live out every chapter of our book.

Not die, as if we were never here. 

Written By Joy Isi Bewaji.
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