The Human Race Has Lost Its Sanity

A great battle has begun among us,the human race has lost its sanity, the human race has lost its humanity....We have divided ourselves by countries, tribes, religion, language and believes...we create this bridge to justify our acts of wickedness, we kill ourselves because our religion does not approve of one another, we kill ourselves because we are not form the same country, we mock ourselves because we are not of the same tribe....

We love our electronics more than we love ourselves, we prefer to kill a person once we hear he stole, we don't care if he be innocent or not, our thirst for blood and unmerited vengeance swings into action and we put a tire, pour some petrol ,strike a match and cheer in joy as we watch our fellow human burn in agony...our neighbours tears in music to our ears ..

We prefer money to our daughters ,so we sell them off in marriage to the highest bidder, we don't care if she's young and inexperienced as far as the money keeps flowing from the molester we are satisfied...after all there is no essence to a woman except marriage and bearing children, even women agree with this....education has become about exams and not learning....relationships have become about sex and not building and loving....pastors have become about wealth and not preaching....

Religion is an excuse to judge and hate ,because of insecurity and jealousy and everything is blamed on the bible or Quran....preachers interpret the Bible's and Quran in there own selfish way to suit their greed....with there fancy suit and a tongue filled with lies...member judge each other in their hearts but smile with their lips...gossip with eyes and praise with their mouth...hypocrites and liars...they scream in prayer and wake the neighbour so people can see them and say they are prayerful....when they fast they make an announcement and wear it on their face....

Marriage has lost its purpose and become about show and who wore the most beautiful dress...its has become about the wedding party and not about the journey...shame has left the window and a couple will boldly call a lifetime commitment quits under three months simply because they are 'tired' and then make up stories to tell family and friends...after all divorce is trending ...

Humanity has lost its humanity!

Written By Nancy Nwokora
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