My Year Is Off To An Amazing Start

A year ago I was at my absolute lowest point in life!

2 years as an entrepreneur making NO money!

Wife 7 months pregnant!

Halfway through my 3rd year in college, stressed, miserable and $30k in student loan debt!

Job not paying enough to cover the bills!

Moving back home because we couldn't afford a small one bedroom apartment!

Selling as many things as we could to pay bills!

Worst of all, the feeling of HOPELESSNESS!

Never learned how to quit and NOW, my year is off to an amazing start!

Just had an amazing weekend in Dallas with my team, mentors and idols!

Have personal relationships with everyone I look up to!

Am now on a vacation with my family and getting paid while I'm here!

On track to make multiple 6 figures this year!

Whole team and family winning!

Life is a journey! Enjoy the whole ride!

Written By
Ricardo J Arellano
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