I Want To See Everyone Win And Turn Their Dreams Into Reality

Not trying to step on anybody's toes bu
t I want to see EVERYONE win and amp; turn their dreams into reality. One of things I am extremely passionate about is adding value wherever I possibly can to people's lives.

With that being said, I see a lot of entrepreneurs spreading themselves way too thin. It's great to be excited, but don't be too excited about too many things at once. In my opinion, pick ONE THING and camp; get obsessed about making it big in that ONE THING.

I see people posting about 5 different businesses or companies within the same 7 days.

 1. if you're in a leadership role, you're reputation will be damaged within your organizations.

 2. plan b will distract you from plan a, so don't have a plan b.

There are several life changing industries out there that through persistence and hard work anyone can rise to the top.

 Insurance salesperson, residential or commercial real estate, door to door sales, internet marketing, network marketing, building a brand online and leveraging your influence, many more, etc.

What's better? Making $500 a month in 4 different things or $5000 a month in one and becoming an expert in your field? Don't simply hop onto the next hot thing all the time.

 Don't promote every damn online workshop/course deal you see for $4000 a pop, water machine for $5000, lease condos, slang life insurance, and amp; a world class forex educational platform for $195 all at the same time. PICK ONE and amp; GET AFTER IT until you're at least $10,000 a month residually.

You don't want to be known as Mr or Mrs sleezy/salesy/deal of the week/opportunity hoe lol.

The greats, masters, legends, have all BLOWN UP and amp; MADE IT BIG MASTERING ONE THING. and amp; then they take on other opportunities, investments, side hustles, etc. Some of you are saying, "Well my mentor has 10 different sources of income." Yes, I get that, but how did he/she make their first few million? Probably one thing and mastered it.

I'm not going to talk numbers on here or I'll get yelled at however for the past 7 months I have refused to look at ANY OTHER TYPE OF BUSINESS then the one I've been focused on inside of the network marketing profession until I achieved a certain income level. Successful people all have tunnel vision, the ability to stay focused on ONE THING.

These are just my 2 cents and although I don't know everything I know that if you half ass 3-5 different things than you'll never make it big.

"A jack of all trades is a master of none." just want to see you make your dreams a reality.

Written By Alex Morton
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