Conditions On Which Peace Is To Be Achieved

There are two conditions on which peace is to be achieved. First, the Palestinians must recognize the State of Israel and stop teaching their children to hate Jews and Israel and stop honoring terrorists and murderers of Jews by naming streets after them. I want this to change.

"Second, Israel must have over riding control over the security of the West Bank to stop terrorists attacks.

 The Chinese are called Chinese because they are from China as with the Japanese from Japan. The Jews are called Jews because they are from Judaea, their historic homeland but which the Arab terrorists including Iran continue to deny."

Excerpts from statements, being made right now, by Israeli President, Benjamin Netanyahu to the press at the White House, alongside US President, Donald Trump who pledges unalloyed support for Israel but openly asked Netanyahu to slow down on settlement buildings and to look at both the two or single state solutions as option for peace as long as the choice made favors Israel.

Netanyahu is currently visiting Trump.

Written By Ken Tadaferua. 
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