Be Sensitive Enough To Know When A Relationship Needs To End

There are many individuals in relationships that should end with speed! Many see the signs and know good and well that they and their potential spouse are just not compatible (able to coesxist in peace and harmony) but they hold on to that relationship by a string, doing everything they can to make it work. 

You'll be doing yourself more harm than good if that is your approach. It doesn't matter how long that relationship has been, if you are not married, you are not married.

Courtship and marriage can never and will never be the same thing. Yes, relationships require work and you sometimes have to resolve conflict to get to a place of peace but if you both keep putting in energy and you see clearly that it's not working; you're not of one mind, you don't agree, you don't share the same values, your spiritual life is going down the drain, that should tell you something.

 Even without anyone advising you, take the time to evaluate or assess that relationship; if you're investing so much and you're seeing zero results, it's time to wake up! Don't deceive yourself. Your life and peace of mind are more important than getting married.

 At some point, you have to be real with yourself, break it off, learn from any mistakes and keep it moving. At first, it may feel like you'll never be able to get over it but believe me you will. Jumping into another relationship is not the answer either.

As long as you allow God to become your all in all and mend your broken heart, you will come out better. Marriage is absolutely good but you can still have an amazing and enjoyable time as a single lady or gentleman, chasing after God and fulfilling your purpose.

 If things are horrible while in courtship, they will not automatically become better just because you've said "I do". Be wise! I say it often and I mean it - it's better to be joyfully single than miserably married so don't force it. I'm praying for you - may you be sensitive enough to know if and when any relationship should not get to the altar.

Written By Kemi Oyedepo
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