Trump Needs To Learn how To Be President And Presidential Fast

What manner of President goes to the CIA Headquarters and says they made a mistake after invading Iraq, that they should have taken the Oil as a spoil of war and in any case they can still go back. 

Thank God America has a self correcting mechanism which is how I see the protests. It is a clear statement that the excesses of the President will not go unchallenged.

 I salute America for this. Such a stand early in the day will hopefully make Trump a better President for America as he tries to win the confidence and support of all Americans. 

He might be an irreverent character prior to the elections but he needs to be guarded in his statements because of the importance and sensitivity of the high office he holds. 

Trump needs to learn how to be President and Presidential fast. For the sake of America and the balance of power and peace in the world, I sincerely hope he does well at his job.
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