Kudos To PDP Govts In Abia,Akwa Ibom And Rivers States

I GIVE KUDOS TO PDP GOVTS In ABIA,AKWA IBOM AND RIVERS STATES for embracing the Digital Works Nigeria initiative that I have been championing for well over one year now. 

I think it's ironic that most APC Governments that are supposed to champion the cause of Change and empowerment of our youths through the New Digital Marketplace have not done much or even responded to our offers to help or proposals for digital skills acquisition while the so-called 'reactionary or corrupt' PDP govts are leaving no stone unturned to help their youths acquire the skills that will help them to be competitive in the emerging markets of digital marketing

I can only speak from my personal experience and I can tell you it's indeed a eye opener. APC makes a lot of noise about what it WILL DO while some PDP govts simply get it done instead of talking about what will happen. I am talking from the angle of DIGITAL SKILLS IMPARTATION to their youths.

ABIA STATE - Not only did they invite us on their own to organize and help execute the scheme, said they actually build a complete Digital Works center and equipped it with 100s of computers. I was pleasantly stunned when I was invited in November to help kick off the whole project and witnessed their commissioner and other directors and executives hustling to empower their youths.

AKWA IBOM - We went discussing Social Media Week but their visionary commissioner kept coming back to LASTING SKILL AQUISITION FOR DIGITAL MARKETING. Frankly I was very impressed that the Honorable commissioner for Information whom I met for less than 2 hours was less impressed about just having a jamboree to mark the social media week but was very keen on lasting take-aways for the citizens of Akwa ibom in form of REAL and PRACTICAL Digital skill acquisition and employment generation.

 His team who attended the meeting also seemed very focused on practical lasting stuff than the 'Jollof' attitude that we all have come to expect with govt spending. Indeed these are a new breed of politicians from those that we know and it gladdened my heart that there is hope.

RIVERS STATE - The commissioner for Youths and Sports was so interested in the digital works nigeria project for his state he was basically chatting with me every hour to ensure I don't miss my appointment becos of my hectic traveling schedule until we could finally meet in the heart of port harcourt for us to share ideas on how he could leave a LASTING SKILL AQUISITION FOR HIS YOUTHS even with the limited resources at his disposal.
What my last 5 days in Nigeria has proved is that there is HOPE and that some of our politicians are really genuinely kin on helping the people. I was very pleasantly surprised that ALL the govts that have responded so far are PDP GOVERNORS while the APC Govts mostly didn't even bother to respond to suggestions or initiatives to help their youths though they issue press releases all the time on what the planned on doing.

Like I have said many times, I carry no political affiliation or membership and frankly don't even care if any party does business with me or not since I don't rely on govt for my lbusiness. 

So take it from me a

s a honest comment when I say the APC Govts have been most disappointing in recognizing the power of digital skills for youth employment and financial transformation.

They talk a lot about loving the people but for most of them their visions have not gone beyond sharing rice and oil during Christmas or Sallah. 

Even when we offered to help for free, they can't seem to even respond to that positively. I remember visiting a particular APC state about 8 times over the last 2 years just to organize a FREE DIGITAL SKILL ACQUISITION TRAINING for their youths and they could not even get approval from whoever to make it happen...and we didn't even ask for any money!

Most of our beloved governors, particularly south west governors are still competing on doing the best STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE while the PDP Govts in the South East are focusing on PERMANENT SKILL INFRASTRUCTURE. The next 10 years will show who has been smart and who has been short term oriented. See more  (Photo)

Written By Ope Banwo.
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