Israeli And Palestine Women Organized Walks And Concerts To Promote Love And Peace.

Recently there was a story on CNN about a group called Women Waging Peace made up of Israeli and Palestine women who organize walks and concerts to promote love and peace. 

Isaac and Ismael both came together to bury their father Abraham in the bible. Jacob (Isreal) and Esau also reconciled and lived peacefully with one another.

The bible also said they came together and buried their father. Now a group of ignorant people are preaching hate.

The search for peace in Kafanchan will not come through Government but people, enlightened ones from all sides coming together to say enough is enough. Just reminding people of how things used to be is a start.

 One man can make a difference. I remember the Kafanchan stories in Villaska and reading this just makes me sad. This is a story about people not grim statistics.
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