Best Definition Of Leadership

The best definition of leadership I came across was at the LBS in a class by Dr Christopher Kolade. He defined leadership "as the development of men through the accomplishment of tasks". 

I adopted this over a decade ago and many have enjoyed the pleasure of being thrown at the deep end and marveled at how quickly they leant to swim well in corporate or private waters.

 Leaders must not miss teachable moments at home and in the office. Young people are often maligned but there are many sides to them. If you challenge them they often rise to the occasion and are surprised at their own accomplishments.

 Many wrote their first copy, planned media, developed a proposal or supervised a project that way and it gives tremendous pleasure watching Boys or Girls grow into Men and Women in their respective disciplines or tasks. 

The principle works well both at home or in the office. Let us take 2017 one day at a time.

Written By Kayode Olagesin.
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