American Senate Judiciary Committee Held A Hearing

 American Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the nomination by President-Elect Donald Trump, of Senator Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General of the US. Please note the following:

• The well researched, informed and drilling questions being asked the nominee.
• That there is no such nonsense as "Take a bow and go" as is done in our senate. This is despite Jeff Sessions being a US senator.
• That nominations had been done by the President elect even before he is sworn in.
• That hearing on nominations are already taking place even before the President elect is sworn in as President.

This is unlike Nigeria where it took President Buhari over 180 days or six months or half a year, after being sworn in as President, to produce his list of ministerial nominees. God save us.

Someday our rulers and political "elites" will learn the art of efficiency and the productive use of time in governance. For now, clowning is the word.

Written by Ken Tadaferua.
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