What If You Were Diagnosed With H.I.V


As I scanned the pages of some of my friends, mentors, associates and competitors today as I always do each morning, I came across probably the best motivational write-up anyone needs to GET GOING NOW on the wall of one of my young friends and genius writer, and i just have to SHARE it directly here. 


This is what Ronald Ikenna Nzimora wrote on his wall.....

"I Took An HIV Test Last Saturday, This Is What Happened

So last Saturday I took an HIV test. Last time I took was years ago.

The next day I was at the hospital for the result. I wasn't in the least afraid. I had this sense of calm because I knew it would be negative.

So the laboratory attendant is writing down the result and his face was expressionless, while mine was smiling.

Then he put the result paper into an envelope and then he handed it to me.

As I took it...

A Feeling of Dread Seized My Heart

All the peace and quiet I had felt just seconds ago vanished. The muscles in my heart tightened, and I started thinking...

What if the result if positive? What would I do?

I asked myself this question more than 10 times in maybe 3 seconds.

Then as quickly as the dread filled me, a feeling of determination washed over me.

I said to myself, "Well, if it's positive, I'll tell my fiancee we would no longer be getting married in January as I wouldn't want her to suffer for my sake".

Then I would research how Magic Johnson, the multi-millionaire former basketball star who has lived with HIV since 1991 manages his condition and emulate him.

I would work harder than I had ever worked prior to then. I would start businesses, travel to all the countries in the world I had always wanted to travel to and fulfil all my wildest dreams.

I felt this desire to do this things so much and with such an intensity as I had never felt it before.

Then I pulled out the paper and looked at it.

Phew! First time I actually was glad something I did was negative :-D.

I heaved a sigh of relief, and walked out of the lab heading home.
As I drove home, I started pondering why I had never felt such a powerful force to achieve my dreams and reach my goals as powerfully as I felt them minutes ago.

Why was I so consumed with the desire to make my life more meaningful just when I was faced with the reality that I could be afflicted with a disease that would eventually kill me?

Why was I so supercharged to make my life worth something just because I was facing the reality that my time on earth could be drastically shorted by the information on that piece of paper?
Then I realised something. That is exactly how I should be feeling EVERYDAY!

Everyday I should be feeling exactly like that, with a manic desire to make my dreams come true and do WHATEVER IT TAKES (withing legal means of course) to succeed.

You see, we live in a world that beats us down daily. Money pressures, family doubting us, employers under-appreciating us, friends laughing at us.

Life is HARD!
So more often than not we compromise. We shift ground. We succumb to the pressure and settle for less than we want. Yet deep inside our hearts, the little child inside still cries out for us to fulfill that which we really want.

On Sunday it was made clear to me that the only way to truly succeed is to act like everything could be taken away from us. That we have such little time to live, and so we must not lie around and lazy about.

This feeling forces us to wake up and act.
It forces to see what we must STOP DOING that has no bearing to what we want to achieve and who we want to become and what we must START DOING DAILY to become who we want to be and have what we want to have.

As I sat there in the lab chair, all I thought about was about the things I wanted to do for myself, for my family, for member of the SELL YOUR BRAIN SOCIETY group and for the world.

I could see it vividly. It was like a movie playing. And I know that the world will contrive to make nonsense of it all - the naira will dance "atilogwu" with the dollar, Govt will initiate silly policies, people may doubt me, but as long as I know that I can do it, as long as I act WITH A SENSE OF URGENCY, as long as I am resolutely OBSESSED about making it all happen, then I can do it.

So my Brainiacs, my friends, my message to you today is you can do anything you set your heart to - you can live in that nice estate, ride that nice car, build that school for orphans, travel the world, speak before tens of thousands of people, hit millionaire status - whatever it is you want to do, you can do it - if you BELIEVE and then ACT Like you would die tomorrow.

Go try it."
MY PERSONAL COMMENT: Of course, we all pray nobody we know will ever be diagnosed with H.I.V but If this heartfelt write-up from Ronald Ikenna Nzimora does not motivate you to GO FOR YOUR DREAMS NOW, you are probably beyond help! LETS GO!!
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