Kylie Jenner And Tyga Get Steamy In What She Calls Surprise Gift To The World

  • If you remember, a few weeks ago we posted a photo of KylieJenner and Tyga shirtless in some denims.

  • It looks like that photo that got everybody talking was just a small part of the entire gag.

  • Kylie filmed a "personal" and steamy video where she strips down, and shares a few intimate moments with her boo Tyga who features in the video as well. 

  • The videographer, Sasha Samsonova, shares that nothing in the video is photoshopped, and it's all  raw footage of Kylie.

  • "It's super raw footage," she said. “As soon as my shoots with Kylie came out, so many people write on my page and rant about how it’s all Photoshop work. 

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